Friday, March 10, 2017

2nd Friday in Lent 2017

Haven't posted in a while. Here's an update...
  • Morning Sermon Writing / Afternoon Visitations
  • Woke up and read Proverbs with Mancub. Have been praying Proverbs 3:5-6 much this week. Wise Christians read Proverbs regularly. I'm trying to follow their example. 
  •  Discovered this amazing new software for "mind mapping" called "Mindstein" which let's me map out my sermons on my computer the same way I used to fill chalkboards & dry-erase boards with words & lines & arrows.
  • Used "Mindstein" to write majority of Sunday's Sermon until after lunch. I love this! 
  • Ran a couple of tech errands. 
  • Presented one of our lifelong Members with a Certificate of Recognition and their alb for their decades of service as an Altar Server.  
  • Went to Lake Geneva to visit a member of their Parish in hospital at their request.
  • Visited Tony Valenti at the new home of Avant Bicycle Cafe. Amazing to see what he's already done to promote our Diocesan partnership  with Haiti through Singing Rooster Coffee.
  • Stopped at Willowfield Nursing Home to visit Parishioners. 
  • Stopped at bodyshop to pickup a few things out of our car which we were hit in on Tuesday. That's a whole other story!
  •  Pastoral visit with a family at their home. 
  •  Pickup at dry-cleaners. 
  •  Visit to Church Member for quick healing prayer & anointing. 
  • Home for Sabbath movie night with Mancub while Mom attends a  Ladies' Purim Party.

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