Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sunday Advent 3 & Monday 12.14.15



  • 8am Eucharist:  "Rose" or Gaudete Sunday. One of my favorite days to preach all year. The major theme is "John the Baptist is the Apostle of Joy". Yes, he is. 
    • Deacon Dave Radzik, a recent Nashotah House grad and transitional deacon, served as Deacon at both services. He's a great guy, big-hearted Bostonian. It's been a joy geting to know him this past year.
  • 9am - Adult Ed:  Continuing our discussion of the Sermon on the Mount. I'm beginning to think these may be the most important 3 chapters in the entire New Testament.
  • 10am Eucharist:  our Seminarian Pedro Lara preached. It was fine sermon. One of my joys in this season is mentoring new clergy-in-formation like Pedro and Deacon Dave. 
  • 11:15am - Red Door Coffee Meet 'n' Greet, a.k.a. "Coffee Hour". I am so proud of the fact that we serve Singing Rooster Coffee. Fair-trade, organic, roasted-in-Wisconsin and grown by our brother and sisters in the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti.
  • Had the Laras over. I love their friendship and our Sunday afternoons of planning and mentoring. They prompted a great discussion about what a uniquely Latino Anglican culture should be and how it can address cultural issues such as Marian idolatry, machismo, godly masculinity and femininity and discipleship within Latino family culture. Pedro and Gloria are going to change the world. Look out!
  • Pedro and I then made a hospital visit together to one of our parishioners whom I got a phone call about after Church. Please pray for Jo.
  • Back to the house and got Pedro's feedback on our soon-to-lauch website. 
  • Sundays cook me. By earyly afternoon every last introverted ounce I have is wrung out of me. 
  • Mancub and I made choc. chip. cookies then watched the Battle of Five Armies while we played Yatzhee.

  • Breakfast with a new friend and colleague Fr. Larry Glenn. He's from Bushnell, IL the home of the legendary Cornerstone Music Festival. Tammy and I were "corner-stoners" for many years.
  • Back into Office. Wrote some Thank You's and then administrivia. 
  • Celebratory Lunch for my Secretary Linda Lemmon's last day of the season. She goes to Texas for the Winter and her "alternate" is Jean Reszka. Our entire staff are so dedicated and I'm so humbled by their Christ-like, sacrificial service to our congregation. Linda picked the local sushi joint for lunch. Yum!
  • One hour drive to Gaspard's, Inc a Wisconsin owned and operated,  Made In The USA, vestment company. Went their to pick up our new frontal. I've been the one dealing with them and so wanted to inspect it onsite before it came to Delavan. It's gorgeous. Love the folks at Gaspard's.
  • Used the drive time to listen to a short and long lecture by Rod Dreher on The Benedict Option. I'm fascinated by this idea. And I think it has real merit.
  • 2016 Budget Committee met to finalize our Budget for next year. Pledges are up. Some expenses are down. And it's balanced. Huge thanks to this excellent Team, to our parishioners who give generously and sacrificially and above all to God Almighty, Jehovah Jireh.
  • Home for Yatzhee and Lord of the Rings with the Mancub then watching the final episodes of the West Wing with the Missus.

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